Between Tot and Teen - Ballet Dance Class Music CD

Steven Mitchell (Artist) - Class Music CD

Between Tot and Teen
Between Tot and Teen

Steven Mitchell (Artist)

Ballet Dance Class Music CD

CD01 Ballet Dance Class Music CD - Steven Mitchell (Artist) - Between Tot and Teen - Ballet Dance Class Music - Among all the dance classes I accompany, I very much enjoy playing beginning level ballet classes. The musicality of the children becomes my responsibility; my opportunity to help them develop a musical sense at this age that may continue through their dancing experience. In this project I had a chance to focus on those beginning level classes where appropriate recorded music is very difficult to find. I teamed up with Mignon Furman, a teacher from South Africa who has a great reputation in Europe and who has vast experience teaching ballet to young children. Now living in New York City, she runs the American Academy Ballet and its various programs. The barre exercises come in short, compact, exercises for the teacher to truly be able to break down the steps enabling the students to learn them precisely. The barre exercises are repeated on the same track; the travelling exercises are fairly long. The pieces chosen are also very interesting melodically, ranging from my original melodies-to classical-to fun (Too Much Mustard, The Clarinet Polka, and Who Stole the Kishka). Several exercises are repeated at different speeds. I love CDs that make students smile. This one is especially appropriate for the beginning levels. The tempos are strong and clear and the accents are perfect. The music is never heavy. The music for center work helps keep the class moving at an energetic pace. 1. Foot Exercise 2. Demi Plie 3. Plie 4. Battement tendu I 5. Battement tendu II, The Chrysanthemum (rag), Joplin 6. Battement degage I, 7. Battement degage II, 8. Ronds de jambe (slower)Peasant Pas, Giselle, Bergmuller 9. Ronds de jambe (quicker)Peasant Pas, Giselle, Bergmuller 10. Retire 11. Preparation for developpe 12. Grande battement (slower) Polacca 13. Grande battement (quicker)Polacca 14. Demi pointe 15. Preparation for Pirouette, Grand Pas Classique, Auber 16. Port de Bras, Harlequinade, Drigo 17. Arabesque, Troubled Happiness, Miyutin 18. Preparation for Pirouette, I Vespri Siciliani, Verdi 19. Chasse into Chaine, Don Sebastian, Donizetti 20. Saute and changement 21. Petit Allegro I, Don Sebastian, Donizetti 22. Petit Allegro II, Too Much Mustard, Roberts-Macklin 23. Pas de Chat, Clarinet Polka, traditional 24. Balance (slow), Dolores waltz 25. Balance (quick), Dolores waltz 26. Galop, Chasse, and Pas de Bourree 27. Pose temps leve in arabeque(Who Stole the Kishka?) trad. 28. Coda, from Giselle, Adam 29. Reverence, from Sleeping Beauty, Tchaikovsky

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