Christmas Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music CD

Lisa Harris (Composer) - Class Music CD

Christmas Dance
Christmas Dance

Lisa Harris (Composer)

Ballet Dance Class Music CD

CD01 Ballet Dance Class Music CD - Lisa Harris (Composer) - Christmas Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music - Christmas tunes that accompany ballet combinations to cheer up the dark days of December. Lot's of fun, and gives variety to the holidays. Each combination is repeated twice. Love Christmas ballet piano music. My ballet boys love this album and it is what we listen at home when we practice. This CD gets kids into the holiday spirit - they love it. Lots of tempo and meter options and I always look forward to using this CD. I'm always looking for new music to use in ballet class and Lisa Harris is my go to. This CD is just the best. I've been using it since Thanksgiving and my girls love it. All the songs are really well done and it has a lot of favorite Christmas songs. My girls like singing with it at the barre. Even other teachers at my studio love it and ask me about it. I highly recommend this item to get you and your class in the Holiday Spirit. 1. Plie 2. Slow Tendu 3. Slow Tendu 4. Slow Tendu 5. Tendu 6. Degage 7. Degage 8. Degage 9. RDJ 10. Fondu 11. Tango Fondu 12. Adagio 13. Petit Battement 14. Grand Battement 15. Stretch 16. Port de Bras 17. Tendu 18. Slow Pirouette 19. Slow Pirouette 20. Mazurka 21. Mazurka 22. Adagio 23. Small Jump24. Small Jump 25. Jump 26. Jump 27. Big Waltz 28. Variation

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