City Class - Ballet Dance Class Music CD

Steven V Mitchell (Artist, Performer) - Class Music CD

City Class
City Class

Steven V Mitchell (Artist, Performer)

Ballet Dance Class Music CD

CD01 Ballet Dance Class Music CD - Steven V Mitchell (Artist, Performer) - City Class - Ballet Dance Class Music - Steven understands the relationship between music and dance. Hi sensibility to movement, knowledge of the ballet technique, coupled with his wonderful musicality, make him one of the best, if not the best class-rehearsal accompanist of our times. Steven's selection of the wonderful tunes on his City Class, are exquisitely arranged and makes for a great experience in the class room. It is the option to not having Steven at the piano in your dance studio. 1. Warm up at Barre (What a Wonderful World) 2. Plie (Where Is Love?) 3. Tendu from 1st (Blues Tendu) 4. Tendu with temp lie (Liebeslieder Waltz) 5. Quick Tendu (Sailor's Dance) 6. Degage (Rum and Coca Cola) 7. Quick Degage (The Trolley Song) 8. Pas de Cheval (Little Waltz) 9. Ronds de Jambe (Granada) 10. Fondu (Theme from Beethoven's 7th Symphony) 11. Frappe (Mama Mia) 12. Petits Battement (Goodnight Ladies) 13. Ronds de Jambe en l'air (E Major Waltz) 14. Adagio (Pretty Women) 15. Stretch (Guitar Concerto in D) 16. Grand Battement (Luck Be a Lady) 17. Releve (This Masquerade) 18. Tendu (Mambo Jambo) 19. Adagio I (My Man's Gone Now) 20. Adagio II (The Man Who Got Away) 21. Pirouette #1 (Jazz Suite #2, Shostakovich) 22. Pirouette #2 (Sullivan Street Mazurka) 23. Pirouette #3 (City Lights) 24. Quick Changements (Sonata in C) 25. Petite Allegro (Riverside Beats) 26. Petite Allegro (Let Yourself Go) 27. Grand Allegro (Emperor Concerto) 28. Coda (Take a Seat, It's Times Square) 29. Grand Battement and Changement (Up Your Schubert Alley) 30. Reverence (La Rondine)

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