Classical Ballet Lesson Advanced Vol 1 - Ballet Dance Class Music CD

Galina Mezentseva - Class Music CD

Classical Ballet Lesson Advanced Vol 1
Classical Ballet Lesson Advanced Vol 1

Galina Mezentseva

Ballet Dance Class Music CD

CD01 Ballet Dance Class Music CD - Galina Mezentseva - Classical Ballet Lesson Advanced Vol 1 - Ballet Dance Class Music - Each Music CD in this series includes the Lesson Plan and Study Guide that accompany the Classical Ballet Lesson Video Series. For use by professional teachers of classical ballet, these CDs make a valuable addition to the music libraries of professional ballet schools, companies and universities. Each represents a true and accurate example of the tempo, quality and duration of the music required for each exercise represented in the sample lesson plan included with this CD. Includes music for Barre, Center, Allegro and Pointe. These CDs can be utilized on their own for ballet music with or without their accompanying videos. This extraordinary videod video series is demonstrated by Prima Ballerina, Galina Mezentseva, a 20 year veteran of the Kirov Ballet, and written and narrated by Peggy Willis-Aarnio, Professor of Classical Ballet at TX Tech Univ., called a walking ballet encyclopedia. Each video provides a concise, coherent history of the Russian Teaching Method and of the guiding principles that make this method so unique and effective in developing the flexibility, strength, endurance and nerve-muscle memory, as well as the discipline and attention to detail so essential to the development of a great Ballet Artist. Each program provides an accurate, and correct demonstration lesson, recording the details and standards of performance for a Ballet Student in academic ballet training with this system. Together they contain a correct, factual and articulate record and explanation of the Ballet Training Program developed in Russia over the past 250 years. Each video ranges in length from between one and two hours long, and are outlined below. One of the most significant educational ballet videos of our time. And, Mezentseva turns a mere ballet lesson into a Work of Art. - Olga Rozanova, Dance Critic, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of the Ballet, Choreography and Methodology, St. Petersburg, Russia. A true and accurate representation of the great Russian tradition in Ballet Schooling. Galina's demonstration is excellent. - Askold Makarov, Honored Professor of Ballet, Chief Executive and Artistic Director of St. Petersburg State and Academic Ballet, Leading Soloist - Kirov Ballet (1943-1970), State Prize Winner, Peoples Artist of Russia. BRAVO to Professor Peggy Willis-Aarnio and Galina Mezentseva for preserving the details of this most remarkable training program for posterity. Watching this video program evokes fond memories of my days as a student of the great Agrippina Vaganova. A MUST for the serious teacher and student of ballet. - Ninel Petrova, Teacher at the Vaganova Academy (1966-1977), Vaganova's pupil, Leading Ballerina of the Kirov Ballet (1944-1970), Honored Artist of Russia.

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