Dmitriy Tuboltsevs Ballet Class Music Volume 1 - Ballet Dance Class Music CD

Marina Rudneva - Class Music CD

Dmitriy Tuboltsevs Ballet Class Music Volume 1
Dmitriy Tuboltsevs Ballet Class Music Volume 1

Marina Rudneva

Ballet Dance Class Music CD

CD01 Ballet Dance Class Music CD - Marina Rudneva - Dmitriy Tuboltsevs Ballet Class Music Volume 1 - Ballet Dance Class Music - 65 Unrepeated Tracks was performed on a concert grand piano by Marina Rudneva, an accompanist for the State Academy Bolshoi theater of Russia since 2004. She has also been an accompanist for many ballet schools and professional ballet companies. Music arranged by 19th and 20th century composers with improvisation by Marina. Dmitriy Tuboltsev graduated from The State Vaganova Ballet Academy of St. Pitersburg, Russia. He was taught by Vaganova's direct lines of students. In 1997 he received a master degree diploma of teaching and choreography from the State Theatrical Arts (GITIS), Moscow, Russia. Dmitriy was a principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet (under direction of Grigorovich), Leningrad Ballet Theater, Russian State Ballet, Ballet Theater of Maryland, and Ohio Ballet. He also has widespread teaching experience around the world including the USA. Many of his students have gone on to receive scholarships for the university dance programs and positions with professional companies. Dimitriy Tuboltsev has done a superb recording of music for the classical ballet class. It can easily be used for all levels. The Tempii and the rhythm are excellent. There is also a very wide choice of music for each exercise which makes this recording the equivalent of buying 3 records. It facilitates giving a class since with the choice on on disc it is unnecessary to change discs. I was really impressed with this CD. The recording quality is good, and the organization of the tracks is exceptional. There are 65 tracks to choose from, many familiar melodies from classic ballets. There is a nice variety of tempos and the tracks are generally concise. The tracks do not repeat but usually there are two tracks that are back to back with matching tempos and lengths so it isn't necessary. I was particularly impressed with the great selection of allegros, which I find lacking on many CDs. This CD will be suitable for my lower levels ballet students as well as my advanced dancers. I hope there are more CDs to follow.

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