Invitation to the Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music CD

Wilhelm Burmann (Conductor), Miro Magloire (Performer) - Class Music CD

Invitation to the Dance
Invitation to the Dance

Wilhelm Burmann (Conductor), Miro Magloire (Performer)

Ballet Dance Class Music CD

CD01 Ballet Dance Class Music CD - Wilhelm Burmann (Conductor), Miro Magloire (Performer) - Invitation to the Dance - Ballet Dance Class Music - Wilhelm Burmann, one of the most sought-after teachers in the ballet world who has taught companies like New York City Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet, is presenting an exquisite selection of piano music for your class. 31 tracks for barre and center, designed to entice your students to dance musically and with attention to rhythm and phrasing. Over 75 minutes of wonderfully energetic music played by Miro Magloire. With repeated exercises at the barre and long tracks in the center. Discover the music preferred by some of today?s greatest dancers. Miro?s music is always energetic and right in tune with Mr. Burmann?s purpose ? ballet as it should be. Wilhelm Burmann's class is totally unique. Wilhelm Burmann's inspired guidance and impeccable musicality make the difficult within reach. 1. Plies 2. Facing the barre: Turn In and Out-Tendus 3. Temps Lies 4. Flex and Point 5. Tendus in 3-4 6. Demi-Tendus 7. Tendus in 2-4, slower 8. Tendus in 2-4, faster 9. Fast Tendus 10. Enveloppes 11. Jetes 12. Ronds de Jambe ? Terre 13. Fondus 14. Developpes 15. Battements en Cloche 16. Frappes 17. Ronds de Jambe en l?Air 18. Stretches 19. Grands Battements 20. Center Tendus 21. Adagio 22. Pirouettes 1 23. Pirouettes 2 24. Pirouettes 3 25. Changements 26. Petit Allegro 1 27. Petit Allegro 2 28. Grand Allegro 29. Coda 30. Entrechats, faster 31. Entrechats, slower

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